Antioxidant Qualities

Catalytic Redox Cycling PotentialPQQ has been shown to be a particularly effective antioxidant. During everyday activities we get exposure to toxic substances that induce the creation of free radicals. Free radicals emanate and accumulate from both endogenous sources as well as toxins we get exposed to and damaging effects from the sun. These free radicals then run rampant to cause damage throughout our bodies, and have been indicated in aging and cancer.

Antioxidants are a vital line of defense that our bodies use to help eliminate these free radicals. Several studies have shown that PQQ acts as a more potent antioxidant and has the highest potential of catalytic cycles, even compared to Vitamin C4,11,12.

Subsequent studies in human clinical trials by Harris and colleagues showed a direct correlation of PQQ and antioxidative potential (Figure 1)15. Based on measures of circulating PQQ in patient blood following oral administration of PQQ showed an immense increase in antioxidant potential based on increased levels of PQQ. In addition to the clinical evidence of decreased antioxidative stress, they also found that PQQ also reduced indications of inflammation15.

PQQ Directly Correlates with Antioxidation

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